Why Make This Collection?

Strain.Works was created to provide an organized platform to share a library of high impact cannabis research articles. Hopefully, this helps others who are new to learning about cannabis find useful scientific information. Cannabis culture contains myriad rumors and myths disseminated about these topics. This problem is apparent in common misuses of phenotype classifications (indica/sativa) and yes, ironically, even the inappropriate use of the word "strain" to refer to different varieties and cultivars. Articles on this site were chosen because they're relatively well cited and provide a framework for reading deeper into the primary literature within each category.

My name's Elijah Spina and I have a PhD in Molecular Biology from the University of California, Santa Barbara. I'm an artist and entrepreneur with technical expertise in biochemistry, genomics, microscopy and bioinformatics. I'm also a co-founder of Delta Leaf Laboratories, a plant genetics company with an interest in reducing the environmental impact of modern agriculture. 

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